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How can I receive fair representation from a union that does not practice impartiality?
Looking for EMPLOYMENT or LABOR Law help. I work in a school district where the majority of employees are related to each other. This has left me without fair union representation for a meeting that m... applies to New York  ·  0 answers

Looking for Best Real Estate Attorney in New England
Lieberman Law Office is a Real Estate Law firm specializing in all aspects of commercial & residential real estate as well as general business development. They provide Real Estate legal representatio... applies to Massachusetts  ·  0 answers

How to determine what to ask the courts to do?
Is there a website, that will outline/detail what judgements I am due to ask for, in a racial discrimination, retaliation case against my employer. What training is availble for pro Se representation.... applies to Missouri  ·  0 answers

Do i need to find legal representation? Time card questions and total time billed discrepancies
I work in a hospital (direct patient care) was at an exempt full time status (no clocking In or out with An assumed 40 hr week x4 years) once i gave notice dt preparing to move to another state, my st... applies to Minnesota  ·  0 answers

I don't work for any of the companies involved, but was at a professional tax representation/ technology conference as a guest of an owner (my boyfriend who was launching a new product) and talking about software he created. A great presentation.... he ha
I gave them in my original question. Should I be worried? I can't sleep at night. applies to Florida  ·  0 answers

Who can I contact in Fort Worth Texas about an ongoing discrimination case against my previous employer
I was discriminated against by the Vice President of Operations in my previous employment. I was awarded unemployment benefits and filed an EEOC claim that is ongoing at the moment. I need representat... applies to Texas  ·  0 answers

Without representation, do I have to speak to opposing counsel?
US District Court Case, ADA discrimination District of Hawaii specifies that parties must have a "meeting" at least 21 days prior to the Scheduling Conference. Failing to secure counsel thus far, do I... applies to Hawaii  ·  2 answers

I work for a major coffee co. in so calif that is closing and moving to texas. I am under a 3 year union contract and have been given a final date of termination and we have more than a year left on our 3 year agreement. do we have any grounds to sue the
breech of a 3 year union contract and miss representation by local union. applies to California  ·  0 answers

Can a public employee have union representation when investigated by an outside agency?
A coworker was investigated on an alleged infraction having to do with intimidation of a developmentally disabled adult. I was her representative. The outside investigative agency told me I could not ... applies to Ohio  ·  0 answers

Should I blow the whistle?
I work for a small company that is charging consumers and making them wait sometimes months for their orders. When someone places their order, they are told it will be 2 weeks before they receive, it ... applies to Florida  ·  0 answers

I'm being wrongfully accused of seeing a co worker breast feed in her office while just trying to take care of an issue she reported. I work at a state college and have union representation
I am being wrongfully accused of seeing a women breatfeed that I was taking care of an issue reported in her area, she accuses me of seeing her do this and I swear I can take a lie detection test stat... applies to Ohio  ·  0 answers

Resign or be terminated, chose to resign can I apply for unemployment?
Due to another employees misconduct and the supervisor wrongfully including me in the diciplinary action notice I was given the option by upper management to resign or be terminated. I was told by uni... applies to New York  ·  1 answer

Boss told me if I want to have my Union representation present when he speaks he will put me on notice and I will be written up immediately and if I use my FMLA today or any other day he knows for a fact I will be missing a part on my job every single day
I ended up staying at work even though I didn't want to but I was too scared I get fired if I use my FMLA to leave and I went into work last night because I'm just been too scared and I want to get fi... applies to Michigan  ·  0 answers

Suspended? Fired ? Employer refuses to say.
My son was suspended by a major grocer after years of employment & soon after promotion and transfer to another store.He bought a package of an out of code product that was properly marked and discoun... applies to California  ·  1 answer

Company merged with another now goes by different name
My current employer merged with a larger company and no longer has the same name. It goes by a new LLC created after/ for the merger. I had signed a contract initially prior to the merger that had a n... applies to Indiana  ·  1 answer

State and Federal laws with respect to damages
It is my belief that I was terminated seven months ago due to my reserve military obligation. I feel there is a clear-cut USERRA discrimination case. I have pursued the matter via the Department of La... applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

Fraudulent Representation?
I interviewed, was offered and accepted a position with a company that basically was very dishonest in the status of the organization as it relates to HR functions. I left my previous company, which I... applies to Texas  ·  0 answers

seeking low cost/pb lawyer for representation in UI case that cares more about fighting injustice.
I was fired and when i filed for UI my forner employer lied and said i quit. I put up with over a year of safety violations and abuse (non discrimination based of course) and should have quit but did ... applies to Wisconsin  ·  0 answers

Fraudulent representation
An employer represented to me in the job interview that pre-qualified appointments would be made for me. I had to go in and consult/sell. Many of the appointments were not in fact qualified. *** Sever... applies to Illinois  ·  1 answer

Vacation rules and employee handbook
I negotiated and accepted a position with a new employer 7 months ago. My contract states I am eligible for 2 weeks paid vacation after Jan. 1st of this year. After starting work I was given an employ... applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

Am I entitled to severance pay?
Hi, I have worked for my employer for 10 years, I live in NJ and I will be locating to SC in 3 weeks. I approcahed my bmanager at the begining of 2010, explained the situation and stressed that I want... applies to New Jersey  ·  0 answers

My employer since 2009 gave bonuses at year end to all employees except to 2 employees i. The excluded employees were not privy of the existence of the bonus, they made them believe only the union workers were eligible, the 2 excluded employees recently f
My employer has a bonus plan for all Union , non Union employees excluding the 2 physicians working full time, employer told physicians that bonus were only for Union employees, as managerial they wer... applies to Pennsylvania  ·  0 answers

What Kind of Lawyer or representation I need to force an ex-employer to pay back wages
I need to find out what kind of Lawyer I need to sue my former employer (small business) to collect back pay. I am owed about $12,000 in back pay plus W2s for about $15,000 in tax (deducted from my pa... applies to New York  ·  0 answers

I have been harrassed at work for several years always being accused and them disciplined I was suspended for supposedly being rude to a pizza delivery guy, suspended for two weeks. Thr last incident I was accused of listening through a wall to the manage
A co-worker accused me of listening to the office next to me. I wear hearing aids and couldn't hear if I tried this made my job want to fire me. They gave me three choices have a hearing and get fired... applies to Massachusetts  ·  0 answers

Can I be terminated for taking legal action to collect on bounced checks?
I work in Jacksonville, for an Orlando based security company. For three weeks I was issued paychecks, one cashed at a grocery store which was later returned NSF that I had to pay back to avoid prosec... applies to Florida  ·  1 answer

Need representative knowledgeable about USPS policies
I am a US Postal Service employee. I was charged with sexual harassment and issued a letter of warning in lieu of 14-day suspension (reduced on appeal to 7-day suspension). I was moved from my private... applies to Washington  ·  1 answer

Please help with assault , workplace violence, & bullying by management
Hello, I need some guidance and possibly representation on a workplace violence, harrassment, bullying, and assault issue. My daughter was physically assaulted at work by a member of the management te... applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

For starters, I recently had a court date appearance on last Wednesday at the US Courthouse here in Miami. I was issued a citation for intimidation by an VA Officer in reference to a police report filed by my supervisor. My supervisor and 3 other employee
For starters, I recently had a court date appearance on last Wednesday, 8/17/2016, at the US Courthouse here in Miami. I was issued a citation for intimidation by an VA Officer in reference to a polic... applies to Florida  ·  0 answers

I was placed on long-term disability from my employment in April 2016. I recently applied for Social Security benefits. I was told if I received a lump sum payment from Social Security, I would need to repay the amount of money I received from long term i
I have had seven spinal surgeries. I have been declared by long-term insurance as being totally disabled. I was told by the long-term insurance company I needed to apply for Social Security benefits. ... applies to Pennsylvania  ·  1 answer

In Indiana, is it legal for a company to fire an employee without informing him or her for months? A course of action was dictated by the Union Local and the employee followed through faithfully for 7 months. Meanwhile, the Union had withdrawn the grievan
Union worker, 10 years of service, transferred to another plant (and another local) when department closed down. 3 months after arriving at new plant, was suspended by the company and targeted for ter... applies to Indiana  ·  0 answers

What are my rights regarding unfair wages in the public sector?
I work for a public school district. The District is unionized, I however am not a member therefore I cannot seek representation from it. Our District is somewhat of an anomale since it is the product... applies to California  ·  0 answers

What are my rights regarding unfair wages in the public sector?
I work for a public school district. The District is unionized, I however am not a member therefore I cannot seek representation from it. Our District is somewhat of an anomale since it is the product... applies to California  ·  0 answers

Can a non compete agreement signed with a middle vendor (in a long chain of vendors) be enforceable?
I need advice on a Non Compete Agreement I signed with a Middle Vendor. I am on H1B and here is the arrangement: Client -> Preferred Vendor -> Middle Vendor -> Employer -> Poor Old Me. So being the ha... applies to Connecticut  ·  0 answers

Do I have the right to know who the accuser was to give proper info for a fair investigation?
I was a female store manager for a large corporation for 11 years and was terminated for sending a cartoon text message 6-7 months ago to a "friend" who NOW says they were offended. When questioned if... applies to Arizona  ·  0 answers

Defamation/Non-compete/and wrongful termination
I was recently fired for "gross misconduct" for being insubordiant to an Operations Director hired as a consultant for my company. It was never communicated to me that he was my superior or that I rep... applies to New York  ·  1 answer

Do I have any legal recourse? What governmental agencies enforce such issues?
During the hiring process, I disclosed a military conviction that occurred 13 years prior. Being the senior hiring manager for 2-years, it's well known that convictions not related to the nature of bu... applies to Colorado  ·  0 answers

The Grass Isn't Always Greener
Three years ago I was hired by the L.A. County Office of Education as a secretary. After receiving FBI and DOJ clearance I went to work for a supervisor who was also new. She is very motivated and set... applies to California  ·  1 answer

We are union and we have a contract ...But
The Union will not uphold the contract. The Contract states,"The schedule cannot be changed w/o the employees' permission. Our company is changing schedules, policy, such as time-off, and hours. We al... applies to Ohio  ·  2 answers

how do you fight a union that says nothing to grieve?
retail grocery-front end manager-in union-8 years-union book says cannot demote without just cause-they tranfered and demoted me- in title -not salary-they say i have nothing to grieve and its not a d... applies to New York  ·  1 answer

Non-compete before work begins
I am a physician who signed a non-compete in exchange for $10,000 bonus. I have not started working for the hospital yet. The contract states that either party has to give 180 days notice to break the... applies to Indiana  ·  1 answer

Company Wishes to Adjust Role, Responsibility and Pay on Employment Contract
I signed an employment contract to be Chief Operating Officer of a start-up company. I am still employed there earning a substantial salary. My contract does not spell out my job responsibilities, ins... applies to Pennsylvania  ·  1 answer

Need a professional relationship
I need an attorney who is familiar with the Window Treatment Industry. I am interested in having that person speak with our professional association...we have never had an occasion to ask for an attor... applies to Tennessee  ·  1 answer

At Will termination, due to requesting additional training.
Will try to be brief. I was terminated for asking for more training. I was hired with no previous experience, was told it would take 1 1/2 months to be ready, after 13 days I was given duties that I b... applies to California  ·  1 answer

Defamation and Retaliation
To begin I worked as an exempt HR Generealist and had to do an investigation in our department based on discrimination. The victim had sevearl complaints over a 5 to 10 month time frame and the suspec... applies to California  ·  1 answer

RIF'd; rehired at lesser position/less pay; no chg in responsibilities
During a company-wide RIF in Sept. of 2001 I was advised that my position had been eliminated. My boss advised me that they did have a lesser position available at reduced requirements and a reduced s... applies to Colorado  ·  1 answer

physical assault and sexual harassment
MY attorney informed me the EEOC found reasonable cause on the retaliation but not sexual harassment I was fired at conclusion of investigation for refusing a transfer.later hired back 2wks later now ... applies to Texas  ·  3 answers

Can I file for "Tortious Interference" for coertion and intimidation by my employer against my union
My questions revolves around discrimination and a hostile work environment at my workplace. I already received my right to sue letters from the EEOC and have already filed a timely complaint. I am now... applies to Illinois  ·  1 answer

Whistle blower retaliation and wrongful term
I recently accepted a promotion to the Bay area, increase in salary and COLA compensation. In an incident that occured in January, I, after speaking with my supervisor, took an investigation to Human ... applies to California  ·  1 answer

My Supervisor has told me that I am not meeting the expectations of my role, but doesn't really give me specific criteria about the expectations I am not meeting. I am getting the work done, she just doesn't seem to like the way I do things. I am an engin
I am a male engineer, 49 years old working for a Beverage Manufacturer in Cincinnati, OH. My Female Boss is trying to get rid of me so that she can hire a friend that she worked with at her previous p... applies to Ohio  ·  2 answers

retaliation/harrassment for whistleblowing-county protected
in july i turned in friend of Administration and "one of their own" into fraud hotline for suspected theft,gross abuse/personal gain of baby supplies costing thousands of dollars to county. The person... applies to California  ·  1 answer

if i lose my reconsideration hearing will IDES provide me a lawyer
I am probably going to lose my reconsideration hearing, my referee did not allow any of my exhibits in although they were timely filed before appeal date. If I lose the hearing and have to appeal, wil... applies to Illinois  ·  1 answer

Existing employees relocated then laid off 4-months later
Let me first give you my situation. I worked at a company's Salt Lake City office for two and a half years and then the company closed that office. Continued employment was offered to all the employee... applies to Maryland  ·  1 answer

wrongful termination
i am a veteran looking for a lawyer that will take a wrongful termination case and thatis knowledgable wth the mspb system can you please help? applies to Texas  ·  1 answer

Chronic and permanent Illness and Fmla
I have epilepsy... here is whats happened to me with employment in the past 6 months and yes I am seeking a lawyer for civil or any suit if you find any discrepencies. march 4th fmla was sent a certif... applies to Texas  ·  1 answer

Employment related
Dear Sir, It has been couple of months I left my company, but they did not do any final settlement for me. They owe me approx $40k. They discriminated against American employees and salary wise too. T... applies to California  ·  2 answers

contract signed in india under duress
I am a teacher. I was made to sign a service contract and promisory note in India which stated that I have to pay an agency fee of $6,500 + attorney fees of $1000 in exchange for a job offer. I was ne... applies to Texas  ·  2 answers


I was terminated from my employment. We have a servance package that includes 4 weeks pay for every year worked. I worked there 7 1/2 years. Am I entitled to still receive my servance package when no ... applies to California  ·  1 answer

What is an "employment contract"?
Hi Mel, Does a dated letter offering employment (stating the position title, start date, terms of employment and salary, as well as requiring the signature of the employer representative and the emplo... applies to Georgia  ·  1 answer

do i have a case?????
I am a road driver for YRC in cincinnati oh. i was refused work/ fired for walking out on the job (per employer) the following is my statement ...On 9-10-11 I was called for work at 4:21 pm Derrick, a... applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

should i reply to a cease and desist letter
I was laid off and received a severance package. the package did not contain a non compete requirement. I recently received a letter from my former employer warning me that they feel i may have breech... applies to Texas  ·  2 answers

Employee "fired" after two weeks notice/final paycheck
I gave two weeks notice in writing and my employer indicated I did not need to give them 2 weeks notice, that day would be my last day, I believe they were mad that I resigned. I then sent the owner a... applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

Non-compete as part of termination/severance agreement
I was a Vice President at a small company and was recently terminated from my position (not for cause...part of a business restructuring). The company is paying me severance, but in order to receive t... applies to Texas  ·  2 answers

Bounced Payroll Check, Company Out of Business
My former employer laid off the entire company and closed the company office on 10/9/01. The company also filed for bankruptcy. My employer promised to pay me for my wages for the work I did on Octobe... applies to New York  ·  2 answers

Layoff with no severance and hiring non union workers to do the job
I am a union employee and due to budget cuts the company is eliminating their entire IT dept. therefore laying us all off giving us a 2 week notice. However, they will be paying a private consulting c... applies to New York  ·  1 answer

witholding pay
I was at work 15 min. april 19 2004,hurt my back and went home,was taken off work until may 17,2004 my employer refuses to pay me until my next pay june 2,2004 and then only show as other on my pay I ... applies to Pennsylvania  ·  2 answers

Retaliation? Please help...
I will try to be brief. I was fired after eight years of service. I had an excellent attendance and performance record. Several months prior to being terminated, I filed a sexual harassment claim agai... applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

We are being outsourced to India. We were told about it back in August I think and received an email that we would be receiving the 60 day notice at the appropriate time and given an approximate end date of Dec 11. We are not over a week past the time we
I think I gave the details above. I just want to be sure that we can hold them to the 60 day notice and either work up until that time when we finally receive this notice or they will have to pay us f... applies to California  ·  1 answer

I have been given a "notice of proposed termination" from the department head. The skelly hearing would be with the same department head (seems unfair) The only option I have been giving by my hr offi... applies to California  ·  2 answers

I have purchased a business.
I purchased a business from a family. The son and grandson of the people I purchased my business from have opened an competing business in the same city. The son has contacted several of my customers.... applies to California  ·  1 answer

Can a person still be eligible for UI in CA after terminated b/c random drug screen misunderstanding
If an an employer does a random drug screening and the employee was asked to give another sample at the clinic due to temperature issues, and the employee quickly went to the car to get cell phone and... applies to California  ·  1 answer

Can a temp agency tell me work slowed down, but tell the unemployment office that I was terminated?
I was working for a temp agency I worked at a place for 7 months for them. the recruiter called me to tell me work had slowed down and to not report to work where I was tempting. I filed for unemploym... applies to California  ·  1 answer

Clarify separation agreement with confidentiality clause in terms of unemployment interview.
If I signed a separation agreement as part of a severance package that includes a confidentiality clause can I answer questions in my unemployment interview without violating the agreement and losing ... applies to California  ·  1 answer

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