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Can my non-compete be enforced in the US if Im hired by a direct explicit competitor in Europe?I work for and am being recruited by large retailers that are direct competitors in the US and globally. My non-compete states that the restricted region is the US and territories. I work in the US with no connection to the European part of the business, and am considering a role in the competitor's European subsidiary for a very similar function.

1 answer  |  asked Nov 13, 2014

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Non-Compete Opposite of UsualI do extensive work for my employer with respect to Workers' Compensation and Union issues in a heavily regulated industry. I would like my employee to compensate me in exchange for a non-compete clause for a period of one year, i.e.: no working for the Unions, regulatory bodies, etc. Is this possible?

1 answer  |  asked Jul 30, 2007

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