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Same-sex Harassment Claims
Claims of sexual harassment where the harasser and harassed are the same sex are analyzed in much the same way as different-sex harassment cases. See, generally, Sexual harassment by a co-worker . How... applies to All States

Sexual Harassment Protections in New York
Everyone deserves a workplace free from sexual harassment. What types of sexual harassment violate the law? What protections do you have under New York sexual harassment laws? And what should you do i... applies to New York

Filing sexual harassment claims in Illinois
Victims of sexual harassment in Illinois can vindicate their right to be free from sexual harassment under Illinois law by filing a charge or claim with the Illinois Department Human Rights, with the ... applies to Illinois

Sexual harassment by a co-worker
Sexual harassment involves: unwelcome sexual advances; requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct that is based on sex. Sexually harassing conduct is unlawful if it: adversely af... applies to All States

Sexual Harassment under Illinois Law Defined
The Illinois Human Rights Act, 775 ILCS 5/2-102(D) prohibits: Any employer, employee, agent of any employer, employment agency or labor organization to engage in sexual harassment; provided, that an e... applies to Illinois

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Can I pursue sexual harassment against a coworker who is currently pursuing harassment against me?
Is it considered retaliation on my part if I decide to pursue a sexual harassment complaint against a coworker who is pursuing a harassment complaint against me at the same time? Months ago I was vict... applies to Ohio  ·  2 answers

picked on/disrespected by a boss
What can I do to protect myself from harassment. I mean the type that no one talks about: the bullying/being picked on by a boss/him being rude/nasty. When your union reps tell you its between you & h... applies to New York  ·  1 answer

Can I file a lawsuit and recieve monatary gain for ongoing sexual harassment?
My husband is being sexually harassed by a group of men that he works with. He has reported to management the harassment but it continues to happen. He is to the point where he wants to quit but he ca... applies to Utah  ·  0 answers

Is it defamation or harassment if I vented to facebook about a coworker without naming them at all.
I am a supervisor at a store, and have a question about workplace harassment and defamation. I vented in a private facebook group and was wondering if I posted a conversation between myself and an emp... applies to Florida  ·  1 answer

Can I file a complaint with the division of human rights for disability harassment?
Everything was fine with my employer but as soon as I revealed my condition to my supervisor and requested FMLA, I started experiencing a wide range of harassment. Anything from false misconduct write... applies to New York  ·  1 answer

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