Last paycheck bounced, terminated with no pay.

I recently quit a job that I had for 9 months to work with a co-worker in a startup business that he owned. 3 months pass and I think everything is good until I see the financial papers. We lost most of our customers at our 3rd month, we were lied to about required costs to an expo we were attending, and there were some personal expenses (not a lot, but enough to matter) that were paid with the business money. The next week I got my paycheck and it seemed to clear, atleast for 2 weeks- the day before i got, or was supposed ot get, my next paycheck. The first one bounced, and I never got the next one. I stayed for a few more days trying to find customers but to no avail. At that point we were all laid-off with no severance pay, all of our previous weeks checks bounce. I've been waiting a month now for him to find more work but nothing has come of it. The business is technically still open, but has no money and very little property. The bank seems to be quite interested in getting their money that bounced from me. I have a kid due any day and my health insurance is about to run out, Im hoping everything is finished by the time it runs out. The business is an LLC and the owner has no money and very little property to speak of. What can I do?

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Albert Kuhl
Your question re payroll

This is a very difficult situation as a practical matter. Ultimately, your best option may be to contact your County's District Attorney and seek prosecution of the owner for delivering you a false check. Otherwise, a legal claim may be lodged with the Kansas Department of Labor in Topeka, but such a civil-law remedy may not be useful given the owner's personal circumstances.

posted by Albert Kuhl  |  Oct 26, 2007 7:43 PM [EST]

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