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Under Florida law, when must an employer provided the final paycheck upon termination? Are the any reasons they can withhold this paycheck legally?

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Dion Cassata
Employer withholding a last paycheck.

There is no requirement in Florida that an employer must tender a final paycheck immediately upon an employee's termination. Generally, after an employee has been terminated, his final paycheck(s) is due on the next regular payday or days.

The employer may not hold the final paycheck as "ransom" in an attempt to force the employee to sign a release or other document. The employer may make deductions from the final paycheck for monies owed the employer, advances made to the employee, damaged equipment, other set-offs, reimbursements, etc.

posted by Dion Cassata  |  Aug 14, 2006 3:23 PM [EST]

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