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Can I be fired for refusing to take a load with a truck that doesnt have an operating jake break an air leak transmission oil and has had the def system deleted. He constantly wants me to cheat my log book when heavy the transmission feels like it is goin
I was fired because I refused a load with a truck that was not dot compliant it had oil leak transmission leak deleted def system and the jake break wasnt working most of the time the load weighed 43k...
1 answer  |  asked Jan 6, 2020 6:40 PM [EST]  |  applies to Kansas

Can I file for unemployment if employer was planning to lay me off and lead me to resign instead?
My company was going through a reorganization and my position was on the chopping block to be dissolved. Work was being taken away from me and employees were not speaking to me. It was miserable for 8...
1 answer  |  asked Feb 25, 2019 1:12 PM [EST]  |  applies to Kansas

Is a non compete clause valid if the company has been purchased bysomeone else but the name is same?
Is a non compete clause valid if a previous company has been purchased since separation. A non compete clause was signed at the time of employment. The clause signed was for two years. The company has...
1 answer  |  asked Jan 5, 2010 10:51 AM [EST]  |  applies to Kansas

Severance Pay Negotiation
My husband has worked for his company since 1989. 6 years ago he left the company and was rehired and reinstated for all benefits. When he returned, the company gave him a letter stating that his adju...
1 answer  |  asked May 4, 2009 09:57 AM [EST]  |  applies to Kansas

Wrongful termination.
My former employer accused me of cashing a check that was designated for fuel. I still have the uncashed check in my possesion. Also, I was fired because they said that I cashed the check. I also had ...
1 answer  |  asked Apr 13, 2009 4:37 PM [EST]  |  applies to Kansas

Singled out for paycut
My employer recently cut my pay from $11 to $9 an hour claiming that business was down and he cut my hours too. However even though he claimed that everybody was getting a pay cut, I found out that I ...
1 answer  |  asked Apr 7, 2009 10:25 PM [EST]  |  applies to Kansas

Vacation and Sick day.
Hello, I worked for a couple of hours, 5 days a week right after my employment for a janitorial service to earn extra income. The company is from Topeka. They lost the bid early December or November s...
1 answer  |  asked Apr 1, 2009 6:03 PM [EST]  |  applies to Kansas

Not eligible for FMLA, being forced to pay company paid insurance premiumS
I am 8 months pregnant and have recently been informed since I will be taking unpaid maternity leave and will be taking off one full month that I would be responsible for paying the $400 insurance pre...
1 answer  |  asked Mar 30, 2009 11:13 PM [EST]  |  applies to Kansas

Job Elimination - Severance Pay
My company is moving my department to another state. They have gave us a severance benefit, which provides two weeks of severance pay for each completed year of service, up to a maximum of 26 weeks of...
1 answer  |  asked Feb 21, 2009 3:58 PM [EST]  |  applies to Kansas

Holding severance for unpaid travel allowance.
I was recently laid off. I signed a severance package stating I would receive a lump sum payment of 1 month's salary along with the week I had already worked along with unused vacation time. This tota...
1 answer  |  asked Nov 20, 2008 12:52 PM [EST]  |  applies to Kansas

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