My boss gave me my paycheck and I cashed it and it bounced now he won't give me my next paycheck because I cashed the one that bounced is that allowed I need my money my bill are over due due to this what should I do

My boss gave me my paycheck and it bounced we have sence received another paycheck and I never received one because I cashed the one that bounced is he allowed to not pay me bacaused my last one bounced and he say I don't get one because he had to pay it back that's not my fault is he allowed to do this I need and want my paycheck. My rent is overdue due to this please tell me what my rights as re

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David Neel
Employers have to pay their employees for work performed so no, it is not allowed. The relevant statute is Ohio Revised Code section 4113.15. If wages remain unpaid for thirty days beyond the regularly scheduled payday, then the employer is liable for damages of up to $200. That's in addition to what they already owe in wages. You can sue for unpaid wages and damages in small claims court without a lawyer. If the employer fires you because you filed a lawsuit you probably then have a wrongful termination case against the employer.

posted by David Neel  |  Mar 19, 2020 2:31 PM [EST]

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