do I have a case??

over qualified, but hired with job description. management deligates all work load to me then go's shopping online. management was found out then terminated. Replaced by unqualified individual with no management experience. Few days later this individual gives my annual work performance a review with bad remarks, I submit rebuttle to higher up resulting in her demotion. Was acknowledged for my stand and offered a position at a different location. Able to perform all descriptions with no problem and new supervisor submits termination slip describing lack of ability and gave me praise when I first arrived. no previous warnings communicated to me about a problem. True reason is that new supervisor did not like that I would not be intimidated or do special favors to keep my job. I was able to perform all duties and reasons stated are invalid. This corporation has no work ethic in place to handle certain situations such as harrassment etc... please advise

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Geoff Morris
Possible Wrongful Terminaton

You may have been wrongfully terminated. But in order to determine that issue you will need to discuss you situation with an attorney in further detail. It needs to be determined whether your employment was "at-will", or if your employer failed to follow it's own policies. If you would like to discuss this matter you can contact me at 909-680-1182.
Geoff Morris

posted by Geoff Morris  |  Jun 12, 2002 12:12 PM [EST]

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