Lazy Lawyers

Is it common that lawyers accept your case, and "decide" they can't help you after a simple demand letter doesn't work. This has happened to me twice, and has wasted a year and a half of a two year filing deadline. I am submitting to a third firm now, what are my rights, and what is it that a firm whats to see in the intake questionaire? I think the real problem is that I have no money, but I really do have a solid case. Are their workloads too heavy for anything other than a simple demand letter case? Are they thinking easy case easy money, or forget it??? Is there a way to contact a place in my area that can pro bono?

1 answer  |  asked Jan 30, 2003 2:48 PM [EST]  |  applies to Texas

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Trey Henderson
lazy lawyers

Lawyers sometimes will take a case on contingency and see if they can settle it easily. If so, they can make their fee with minimum work. Once suit is filed, the attorney will spend quite a bit more time on the case. The fact that the two attorneys wrote letters and then did not file suit probably shows that they did not feel it was worth their efforts to proceed with a suit. If they truly believed your case was very strong, they should have been willing to proceed with litigation. This is not to say you do not have a strong case. You need to find an attorney who believes in your case.

posted by Trey Henderson  |  Jan 30, 2003 3:03 PM [EST]

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