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By boss Threaten me If I fell out A work comp claim He will fight me Tooth & Nail He also Said to me I have nothing against you people And I'm not a racist But you would lose If you go any further with this
Inmate report 2 Corporation Nhr And nothing is being done We retaliate against me When I came back to work Took me out of one position And put me in another position Knowing I have restrictions in pla...
1 answer  |  asked Jun 15, 2016 5:57 PM [EST]  |  applies to California

On my last 5 paychecks it said I had 50 hours vacation time. I made plans and now the owner of the company is saying that was a mistake, and my last paycheck said I have 8 hours vacation time. Is there anything I can do to make them give me the 50 hours v
the details are in the question I posted
1 answer  |  asked Jun 15, 2016 5:19 PM [EST]  |  applies to Florida

unemployment for Graduate teaching assistant
I worked at public university in Fl as a graduate teaching assistant, but my contract ended two months ago. I am applying for instructional positions but it has been hard to find a job. Can i apply fo...
1 answer  |  asked Jun 15, 2016 10:32 AM [EST]  |  applies to Florida

I'm not certified but I run shifts but myself I'm not getting manger pay
Is this against the law
1 answer  |  asked Jun 15, 2016 12:36 AM [EST]  |  applies to Pennsylvania

Sudden Demotion, pay cut, and being told to take it or leave. Help?
I work for a Verizon call center where I am (was) a QA Auditor. Recently, I've been told that they no longer have "part time" so they will be demoting me to the sales floor (cold calls - which is wher...
1 answer  |  asked Jun 10, 2016 2:25 PM [EST]  |  applies to Florida

i was fired because i returned the wrong memory a customer returned to me he was dishonest!
i work in the returns dept a customer returned somthing that was not the right item he glued the package with a different one inside which was cheaper he was dishonest customer
1 answer  |  asked Jun 8, 2016 1:55 PM [EST]  |  applies to California

Can my daughter file a defermation suit against a employees family member?
My daughter works for a retail store as a tech. She works with a girl who is lazy, calls in sick and always complaining. The store called my daughter to come in and fill in for a few hours to help out...
1 answer  |  asked Jun 5, 2016 11:25 AM [EST]  |  applies to New York

I was hired by a company and have been employeed for 6 months. When I was hired I was under the assumption that it was permanent late on I find out that I must meet all metrics before being considered for certification the pressure for excellence is makin
Same as above
1 answer  |  asked Jun 4, 2016 8:08 PM [EST]  |  applies to New York

What are my competitive civil service rights when a title is eliminated but not the job?
I am a NY competitive civil service p/t employee of a school district for three years.I been waiting for a f/t position but was overlooked a couple of times. An employee left and instead of offering m...
1 answer  |  asked Jun 4, 2016 08:11 AM [EST]  |  applies to New York

Ret. Behavior, Harassment/Hostile Work Envmt, Age Discrim?
I have recently complained to me boss (also an owner of the company) that I am being harrassed with ongoing abusive verbal treatment from another employee. I have been informed that this behavior has ...
1 answer  |  asked Jun 2, 2016 5:43 PM [EST]  |  applies to California

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