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false statements that cause me to be fired
coworkers made false statements to cover there own mistakes. Now I'm being fired for abuse when I had nothing to do with the statements that are being said about me. The resident has made numerous fal...
1 answer  |  asked May 9, 2019 8:45 PM [EST]  |  applies to Pennsylvania

I have recently resigned from my job as a transportation associate due to being verbally abused by my boss. he informed me that he will not give me my last paycheck (this coming Friday) unless I sign a form stating that I will not speak of his behavior. I
I have recently resigned from my job as a transportation associate due to being verbally abused by my boss. he informed me that he will not give me my last paycheck (this coming Friday) unless I sign ...
1 answer  |  asked May 8, 2019 2:53 PM [EST]  |  applies to Pennsylvania

i have been wrongfully accused of sexual harassment by an employee upset because i would not keep taking her to work. she claimed i cut her hours because she would not offer sexual favors. Her hours were cut because she got into 2 car accidents and had no
i have text messages regarding me asking bout transportation and offering her hours
1 answer  |  asked Apr 25, 2019 03:33 AM [EST]  |  applies to Pennsylvania

I have 10 vacation days for this year 2019. I am giving notice I am leaving. Must I be paid for those ten days?
We have a vacation sheet in our cafeteria that states I have 10 vacation days for this year as of Jan 1st. I am giving my notice. Must they legally pay me for those 10 days of vacation?
1 answer  |  asked Apr 11, 2019 6:29 PM [EST]  |  applies to Pennsylvania

I am a marketing director and salaried employee. My employer was very flexible in the past 2 years regarding allowing me to work from home when need be and not micromanaging hours. in this new year, my employer is trying to make sure I work 40 hours every
treating a salaried employee as an hourly non exemp employee
1 answer  |  asked Feb 28, 2019 06:51 AM [EST]  |  applies to Pennsylvania

can a multi-party claim be filed in a different state from the defendants, if the plaintiffs (us) are subcontractors doing work in Philadelphia PA but the defendant (Company headquarters) is in Virginia?
We are subcontractors working under an independent contractor, who has not been paid, therefore, we also have not been paid for labor performed. We wish to file a multi-party (3-6 workers) claim in th...
1 answer  |  asked Feb 25, 2019 09:15 AM [EST]  |  applies to Pennsylvania

Can an agency dock my pay for any reason as an independent contractor in the state of PA?
The agency i work for had us sign new contracts this year. They have our documentation on a sliding fee scale, down to $0 per hour if the documentation is more than 6 days from the point of service. I...
1 answer  |  asked Feb 20, 2019 10:50 PM [EST]  |  applies to Pennsylvania

My employer has withheld payment and bounced paychecks. Can I resign immediately?
My employer has bounced 3 paychecks in 12 months and has delayed payment several times as well. The company is in obvious financial distress and I wish to leave. Can I resign immediately without givin...
2 answers  |  asked Jan 12, 2019 08:02 AM [EST]  |  applies to Pennsylvania

Okay so I worked 16 hours on New Year's so that would have been time and a half but also that week I work a total of 56 hours so I should have gotten overtime pay and Holiday if they were on separate days correct
I Feel like they are just shorting me on my pay because they don't really want to pay it holiday and overtime
1 answer  |  asked Jan 10, 2019 02:46 AM [EST]  |  applies to Pennsylvania

Is starting a new job just cause for a notice of hearing be rescheduled as it a critical to be good.
Is New employment just cause to request a continuance of unemployment that the employer decided to file the very last day they could. In good faith i called the u/c to tell them to discontinue . I nee...
1 answer  |  asked Dec 7, 2018 7:19 PM [EST]  |  applies to Pennsylvania

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