My Manager is the Human Resource Managers Husband!

After 5 years of working as a Technician with this company, I have witnessed unsafe and unlawful behaviors. The concerns I have had and the processes that were unfair and unsafe were mentioned to Human Resources....and there was no action taken other than, I am sure, the HR Manager and my Department Manager having wonderful bedtalk discussing how they can now make my life miserable! My Boss is married to the HR Manager!

My Manager has his "sidekick" constantly go back to him and debrief him on things that I do and don't do througout the day. Of course, this is coming from the department tattle tail that dislikes me. I have had tools and equipment hidden from me, I have approached my Manager with safety concerns, operation concerns, unfair distribution of work load between the technicians...and was informed that if I did not like it, I could walk acroos the street! (to another plant). After approaching upper managment, my workload increases as informed that I have to work late right before it is time to leave for the day. I cannot go to anyone because of very small chain of command. Our Plant Manager will do nothing because he wants everyone to fear retaliation because it is keeping everyone's mouths closed, and anyone at a higher level will think everything is working fine. I cannot go to HR, because of the conflict of interest with my Manager being married to her. We are living the old textile plant politics. The old southern retaliation methods of "Keep your mouth closed or your unemployed". There is no corporate HR. There is only our plant and no Complaint Hotline. What are my rights.

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Brad Dozier
Dozier Law Group, LLC focuses on representing clients in employment, business and personal injury cases. If you believe that you have been discriminated against, harassed, subjected to a hostile work environment or treated differently than other employees in your same or a comparable position based on (1) race (2) skin color (3) religion (4) gender/sex [including sexual harassment] (5) national origin (6) age [over 40] or (7) disability [a physical impairment which limits your daily activities], or if you have evidence showing that you were retaliated against for complaining about discriminatory or harassing treatment toward you or other employees for one of those reasons, you may have a claim under federal employment law. However, there must be evidence which shows or suggests that your employer’s actions were based on at least one of these specific reasons (race, skin color, religion, gender/sex [including sexual harassment], national origin, age, disability or unlawful retaliation for complaining of same) and not some other unrelated issues. In that case, I would like to speak with you at your convenience. You can call me at (404) 949-5600 during or after regular business hours. I look forward to speaking with you.

posted by Brad Dozier  |  May 5, 2010 7:51 PM [EST]

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