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I was terminated "for cause" and the reason suggested was relationship with clients. I am female and asian. My company was recently bought out and the new management have replaced 3 out of 5 "legacy" (old company) females co-workers (including myself) with males for "various" reasons. Male co-workers had similar issues with difficult clients and were not terminated. Do I have a viable discrimination suit and would I qualify for emotional damages and punitive damages? Is it better to file in Civil or federal court? My salary was $150,000 and so what is a good figure for emotional damages and punitive damages? Thanks

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Bruce Elfvin
Their are a variety of remedies available on the state and federal level. Which court to file in and what claims to pursue will be driven by the evaluation of the facts in your case. It may also be useful to consult with an employment attorney early to determine whether or not you should file a charge or not, or negotiate with the employer prior to filing. The facts that you recite would at least raise significant questions that the company would have to address.

I am not certain where you are in Ohio, my office is in Cleveland. 216.382.2500

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Neil Rubin
You may have the makings of a gender discrimination lawsuit and under certain circumstances emotionals and punitives may be available. However, these cases are very fact specific, long and involved. Further, there is no calculation for emotional and punitive damages. You should contact an experienced employment lawyer for a consultation. As for filing in common pleas or federal court there are both positives and negatives for each jurisdiction. Again, an experienced lawyer can evaluate the options and guide you.

posted by Neil Rubin  |  Oct 23, 2012 12:20 PM [EST]

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