Brief as I could be, Help me in Texas.

I've worked for my last boss for 5 yrs, the first 3yrs with no problems, promotions, annual increases, etc. When my company migrated all the business ofc's to one central location, he brought me over as a manger under him. He stated within my first 30 days that I was in another culture over here (all black, him also). He allowed his culture to yell and holler and curse me on the floor in front of all my staff. He was upset when his boss finally fired one for cursing me. At the end of my first year I went to transfer due to the abuse I felt I was being put through, my transfer caught him by surprise,he held my transfer for 4 days, then presented it to me with a PIP which prevented me from transfering for 1 yr. He had me written up due to two employees off the clock, in the parking lot, one threaten the other with violence. I did speak to him about this the same day it happened, within an hour of the incident, 30 days later I was the only one that received a write up for not taking timely action, the black person that made the threat was never written up,. He has made sexual comments, sent a chain letter two months after he had me write up two of my staff members for the same thing and has gone against other company policies. In April 2003 I called our Ethics and Compliance line and tryed reporting, they came back with"they didn't see things the same way I did, I was a good employee and they did not want to lose me". August he made a change in our process which created a backlog of work, reports were made daily to him, I could not get over time or assistance from another dept to bring us back into goal (I had kept my dept in goal Jan-July). Sept 4th he brought me to HR, they wanted to reimburse me for all I had spent on my staff because they said they had found out there had been a budget for such things and now they needed the pay vouchers for audit reasons,(he had told me before after supposedly ck'g with his boss that there was no budget for appreciation pizza parties, contest,etc). After they presented me with the pay vouchers, he told me I had gone against a company policy and that I was terminated. They have since denied me unemployment. I had back in July spoke to our compliance director as advised by our corp ofc. I feel I was not only discriminated against due to I was not allowed the same control of my staff as the other two black mgrs with their staff under him, he lied to me about the budget and other things,and since my termination they have split my dept up between the the black mgrs. I feel this was retaliation due to me contacting out Ethics and Compliance offices. My boss did the next day announce to my staff that he was over staffed by one manager anyway. There also have been two blacks in another dept that were laid off and offered a severence package. Can anyone assist me with my situation?
Signed:Help me in Texas.

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Trey Henderson

If you feel you have been discriminated against because of your race and/or retaliated against for reporting discrimination, you should contact the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. For those two causes of action, you must go through the EEOC first before you can file suit. The EEOC will conduct an investigation. The EEOC website is

posted by Trey Henderson  |  Oct 24, 2003 1:15 PM [EST]

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