Am I eligible for unemployment?

I am a certified nursing assistant and was working for a nursing home I've been an aide for 5 years now and was the lowest paid aide in the facility so I asked for a raise and they told me they would see what they can do I waiting a few months and nothing was done how can they tell me I was one of their strong aides but refuse to give me a raise I finally had enough and put my two week notice in witch my last day was February 17th 2016 the day I put my written slip in state happened to show up and when the people from the state pull you aside and ask you questions about certain things going on in the facility you are to be honest it states it right in the handbook so I was 100% honest things weren't getting done the way they should be well after state finished their surveying and left I waiting a couple days to talk to the administrator but he was out of town to I asked HR if their was anyway I could withdrawal my two week notice and she snapped back to me saying I don't know Paul wants to have a meeting with you when he gets back he got back the 13th and pulled me into his office along with HR and he asked why I wanted to withdrawal my two weeks I told him that all I wanted was at least a small raise for the hard work I do and I really didn't want to leave the facility because I loved working their then he asked me why I told the state what doesn't get done on the daily basics I told him because we are to be honest with them because it could cost me my job if I was to lie so he said everything I said to state was going to be posited on the facility website for the world to see and I made them look bad and being I was so honest with them he said the 17th would be my last day and refused to let me withdrawal my two week notice I've seen so many employees put their two weeks in and on their last day withdrawal it and they got to stay but being I was honest with the state I wasn't able to would I be eligible for unemployment being I wanted to stay but was pretty much forced to go??? Please help me!!

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Harold Goldner
No. Voluntary quit does not entitle you to unemployment benefits. Unemployment compensation law states that persons are entitled to benefits who become unemployed "through no fault of their own".

posted by Harold Goldner  |  Mar 1, 2016 08:42 AM [EST]

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