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I am terminating my employment on Friday, 12/17/2004, making my last day Friday, 12/31/2004. If I wait until Monday, December 20, 2004 before terminatating, i.e., giving two weeks notice, making my last day January 3, 2005, would I be eligible for my three weeks vacation pay?

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Margaret A. Harris
Giving Notice

I agree with Trey that you need to check the company handbook to find out about whether the company will pay for accrued but unused vacation time when you leave employment. Also, it appears that you are planning to give two weeks' notice. You should be aware that some companies do not accept two weeks' notice, and ask the employee to leave on the day they give notice. Some companies are just like that.

posted by Margaret A. Harris  |  Dec 16, 2004 6:31 PM [EST]
Trey Henderson
vacation pay

It depends on the company plan. In Texas, a company is not required to give you vacation pay. However, some company plans specifically grant you the right to receive vacation pay.

posted by Trey Henderson  |  Dec 16, 2004 5:14 PM [EST]

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