How can I collect my final wages and vacation pay?

I resigned three weeks ago. The company has not paid my remaining vacation or my final pay. They keep making excuses. What can I do?

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Brenda Franklin Rodeheffer
Indiana vacation pay law is clear; call the DOL fo

You can call Indiana Department of Labor for free advice on wage claims.

With vacation pay, the law is clear. If there is a written policy that you forfeit vacation pay when you leave the company, then they can refuse to pay the vacation pay. Otherwise, the Court assumes that you are entitled to it and you can get the vacation pay, double damages, attorney fees (if you use attorney) and costs. If he worked part of a year, then the Court gives the
amount of vacation proportional to the time there. For example if it has been nine months into the year in which the vacation time is earned, he would get 3/4 of the usual vacation time. The year is not the calendar year, but the year in which the vacation time is earned.

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