do i have a case

I wrote on facebook about my supervisor I did not use the person's name or the company name. Can I be fired for this?

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Jeanne M. Valentine
Unfortunately, unless you were hired pursuant to a contract that spells out the only reasons your employer can fire you, then you are considered an "at will" employee in NYS. That means your employer can fire you for any reason or no reason at all - they can fire you because they don't like your haircut, the color of your nail polish, or your middle name. The only prohibitions to the reasons they can fire you are if they do so because of your civil rights such as race, color, religion, sexual orientaion, gender etc., or if they violate a statute that prohibits terminations for reasons such as whistleblowing or pregnancy or because you have a disability. I am afraid they can fire you for posts on facebook, as this is becoming more common every day - I try to warn employees of the dangers of facebook posts concerning employers. "Like" my page on facebook for some helpful advice:
Good luck.
Jeannie Valentine

posted by Jeanne M. Valentine  |  Jul 4, 2010 09:52 AM [EST]

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