Wrongful Termination

I was terminated from my previous job for the reason, as indicated by the person who fired me, "I don't think she can handle it." Although this company has an "at will" policy, I was not informed that I was terminated "at will," but that I was terminated for the reason indicated above.

My question is, if the documented reason for termination (above) can be disproven, do I have a case? For instance, if my work performance can be reviewed and proven satisfactory for the period I was employed at the company, and that I was not terminated in accordance to the "at will" policy (i.e., for no reason at any time),do I have a case?

1 answer  |  asked Apr 10, 2001 10:08 PM [EST]  |  applies to California

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Janet M. Koehn
i don't think she can handle it

if you are a california employee, your employment is at will be statute unless you have a written agreement providing for cause for termination, or the company had a policy and practice of terminating only for cause. if the reason given for your termination is a pretext for discrimination, or if you were fired in retaliation for whistleblowing or asserting other statutory rights, it also would be a wrongful termination.

posted by Janet M. Koehn  |  Apr 11, 2001 1:53 PM [EST]

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