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My husband was recently fired from a company were we both worked. I am still employed with them. I know that in the State of Florida the Employer does not need an excuse to fire you. If they still provide an excuse to fire you, shouldn't they have proof? My husband worked for this company when it was under different management and/or owners. They decided to use past history/incidents to fire my husband. They work on a "three strikes you're out" procedure. They only had one "strike" on my husband and decided to use two prior incidents from when the company was not under their management to fire my husband. Can they do this? Can we sue them for wrongful termination of employment? Please help! Thank you

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Dion Cassata
three strikes

I'm sorry to hear that your husband lost his job. I would have to know a bit more about these "strikes" that were used as grounds to fire your husband, but from what you have written thus far, I don't see how his termination was wrongful. As you point out, in Florida the employer does not need a reason to fire someone. (They just cannot have an illegal reason). The concept of a termination being "wrongful" hinges on whether there was an illegal motivation behind the decision to fire him. What do you think was the motivation? The fact that they seem to be "borrowing" strikes from the past to justify firing your husband now might suggest that they are not being forthcoming about the real reason for the termination, but you offer no information on what that "real" reason may be.

posted by Dion Cassata  |  Oct 18, 2005 8:02 PM [EST]

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