Will a non-compete agreement be valid after one year of employment?

I have been employed with this company for over a year and I have been instructed to sign a non-compete agreement. What are my rights and will it still be considered valid in Texas? The spa owner also has 2 spa locations that I only work out of one, but the agreement covers a radius & restrictions from both locations. The agreement uses the term "after termination", is this only if I get fired or does it also cover if I leave voluntarily?

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Chris MIltenberger
It sounds as if the non-compete would apply after termination or resignation. I would need to review the specific agreement to know more.

In general non-compete agreements in Texas are enforceable but must be reasonable in time and location. One year is normally reasonable.

With regard to your questions about both locations, what are you being prohibited from doing? Do you have access to confidential information?

Covenants not to compete in Texas turn on their own facts.

posted by Chris MIltenberger  |  Sep 26, 2012 09:20 AM [EST]

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