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I am an hourly employee. My hourly wage is determined by $25000 a year, so it comes out to $12.02 an hour. When I am paid they just divide my $25000 by 24 or twice a month and that is what I am paid, not the hourly wage, though I am told I am an hourly employee. Is there a downside to this?

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Harvey Berger
Hourly wage

The Labor Code requires an employer to list the hours worked and the hourly wage. LC 226. Penalties include a minimum penalty of $50 for the first violation, and $100 for each pay period thereafter. Of course, you are also entitled to overtime. If the company does this to everyone, we would be interested in knowing how many employees are involved, as a possible class action.

Harvey Berger
Pope Berger & Williams

posted by Harvey Berger  |  Jan 31, 2003 9:54 PM [EST]

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