Merger nightmare - legacy employees terminated after severace package expires

I am a manager for a large insurance company. We are in the 2nd year of a merger. The severance package that was established for employees who lost jobs due to the merger terminated in April. One by one I have watched fellow managers from the legacy company that I worked for leave with severance packages. I have received little to no direction from my new VP. The 2nd week in May I was placed on a written warning for performance issues. The site I manage is the 2nd most successful of 6 sites. Most of what was written in my warning is contradictory and without substance. At the meeting a fellow manager (my peer) was present. I was advised the he assisted in preparing my warning and effective on the day I was placed on warning he was my new Manager. I have yet to receive an update for the first 30 days as stated. The warning is for 90 days, but states I can be terminated at anytime. Friday I was relieved of my responsibilities by means of an e-mail sent to me and the manager who is assuming my duties.

After ten years with this company and a perfect employee record, I do not deserve to be terminated. I am being treated differently that my fellow legacy peers who were offered a package to leave the company.

Is there any recourse to their actions?

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Donna Ballman

The bad news is, unless you are being treated differently than others of a different race, age, sex, national origin, etc.; recently took Family and Medical Leave; objected to or refused to participate in something illegal; made a worker's comp claim; or did some other protected activity, they can terminate you for any reason or no reason at all.

The good news is that, even in a termination situation, many employers will negotiate a severance package where none was offered; or negotiate a better package if one is presented. If you are terminated, contact an attorney to see if they may help you negotiate a package that allows you to have a cushion while you are looking elsewhere.

Donna Ballman

posted by Donna Ballman  |  Jun 24, 2006 3:06 PM [EST]

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