In the state of Pennsylvania, can my employer take away my accrued person time (PTO)?

There's a bunch of us here that lost our person time we had on the books, under the old policy we were able to carry the time over to 2019 but HR claimed they send a new policy out which no one received stating that we can not carry over personal time in 2020. HR claims they sent that email in December which would have been too late to informing your employee that they need to use the time on the book when we are critically short staffed. Especially those with a lot of hours. Please help....

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Harold Goldner
Person time? You mean paid time off? There is no PA law requiring an employer to pay unused PTO unless the employer's policy specifically provides for doing so. For instance, if your PTO is "accrued" along the year, and you quit or are fired in January before you've used any of the PTO you'll accrue, may only receive a pro rata distribution of the PTO time you've accrued.

Employers CAN change their PTO accrual and carry-over rules via a consistent policy.

posted by Harold Goldner  |  Jan 28, 2020 3:36 PM [EST]

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