I am cleared to drive, Am I able to get my job back with USPS?

I was employeed for almost 5 yrs with USPS as a Sub-Mail Carrier AKA RCA. I began having episodes (seizures) that occured while I was driving my personal vehicle and then once in my mail truck. Completely afraid, I went to the Dr. Who restricted me from driving. This began in Nov 2011. I stayed in touch with my supervisor on a Bi-weekly basis throughout this entire process. They were trying many different medications and procedures to try and get this problem under control. I was being seen by my primary and two specialist. In Feb. 2012, My supervisor informed me that he was being transferred to Atlanta and I needed to stay in touch with George S., who was promoted to supervisor. I know george and he knows me and my situation. I did as he said and called George to keep him informed. My next appt was April 12th (I think), and when I left the Dr and called George to let him know that I had not been cleared but the Dr was confident that the meds and treatment they have me on, is working and I need to return to them on April 27th for my next appointment, George told me I needed to come in and have a meeting and bring in my documentation. I agreed and that following Monday I went into the office with all he had requested. He made copies of my paperwork and told me to let him know what the dr said when I go for my appt. Somewhere around April 15th, I received a letter of termination due to my attendance. I have never been in trouble, never been written up, a;ways done my job and always was willing to help in the office even if it was not apart of my job. I am cleared to drive now and I have not had any episodes in about 6 months. Do I have a chance to get my job back as a good employee before I became sick. Thank you for your help, I just dont know where I stand or what I can do and I truly loved my job.

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Arthur Schofield
You can always reapply and see what happens. Unfortunately, it sounds like your absence exceeded 12 weeks which you may have been entitled to under the FMLA. That leave would have secured your return, but it only lasts for the 12 weeks.

posted by Arthur Schofield  |  Dec 3, 2012 1:25 PM [EST]

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