Everything changed when i was hired and then when i ask my job was threaten

So I found what I thought would be a cool Job and I had a job that was paying me about $21 an hour to drive Bus with a CDL B.
They would pay for my CDL training plus their company traing for $500 a week M-F 8am to 4:30pm and 4hr on Saturday
I was told by the recruiter and the Trainers that I would get 2300 to 2800 miles a week to drive in the NE region of the country
I was also told I would be home Sat and Sundays every week.

When I showed up they changed the training schedule and not the pay adding an hour and a half onto everyday 730 to 530pm (except Saturday was the same) where we sat and did nothing for that hour and a half no extra pay and told us if we didn’t like it we can leave. We all left our jobs and committed to this one, training for me was 15 hours away.
When I trained with a driver he did many maneuvers like U-turns and so on that I was soon to learn that the company frowned upon .
Also during this section of my train I was paid 90 a day (less than half what I would earn on my own) this portion was only to take 19 days in which I was told I would be able to go home for the weekends.
When the time came I wasn’t able to go home for the weekends and stayed out with the trainer drivers for 30 days.

When the driving came on my own I notice small concerns because I am new and did not fully understand the arena in which I was now in. Every time I ask a Question about pay or miles she would give me different answers then my Fleet Manager would yell at me about something I did wrong.
Finally this week I told my Fleet manager in a email I was promised 2500 miles average weekly and that there was many other items I was misled about, she told me to call her. When I called her she told me I was only going to get 1800 miles a week and then yelled at me for things I did wrong while training and how I violated the companies policy (not illegal) she said I could change my miles by changing fleets I said this changes everything and created a hardship because I quit a good job for promises that were not kept and they had no intention of keeping. I said I have to talk to my wife.

I get a call from her boss threating my jobs for the infractions that I made and for asking about mile and he said we don’t talk about miles and sent me home with short pay basically go home and think about your job while we think if we want to keep you (keep in mind this infractions was done by my trainer so I didn’t think it would be a infraction which he never was called out on).

This company runs ads talking about the miles they give.

So here I am if I quit or get fire I owe them for the training $5000 if I stay I am stuck with them doing what ever they want reguardless of agreement they told me and others before entering.

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V Jonas Urba
Most employees in the entire United States are at will. No reason is a good reason to let someone go except:

Union employees
Government employees
Contract employees.

If you are one of the above see a lawyer. Take your terms and conditions paperwork (i.e. dates of work promised with no fewer than x miles) for an employment lawyer to decide whether a contract or law was broken.

Otherwise you are at will and since the training good or bad probably benefits you if you quit you probably? have to pay for it unless a lawyer says you do not.

posted by V Jonas Urba  |  Dec 8, 2017 3:15 PM [EST]

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