V Jonas Urba

V Jonas Urba

Jonas Urba, Urba Law PLLC, limits his practice to New York employment law issues statewide

200 Park Ave Ste 1700
New York, NY 10166


About Me:

Over 20 years of employment litigation and employment mediation experience.

Exclusively New York Employment Law since 2011.

No place beats New York for employment law challenges and rewards. Foresaw that both Florida Bar and Colorado Bar admissions would become obsolete and withdrew from both in 2012. Continue to maintain my inactive Bar licensure in Massachusetts.

Admitted to all New York federal courts. SDNY, EDNY, WDNY, and NDNY. Practice before the New York State Division of Human Rights statewide from Buffalo to the Canadian Border and downstate to Manhattan.

Principal law office in Midtown Manhattan although across the entire State of New York, many remotely.