wage and or sex discrimination

Worked at Harrah's Casino in Shreveport La. Was hired in a pantry position with several yrs. exp. at starting wage of $7.50...after 8 months, I had received an above average review but NO raises, started asking others I knew who hired in at same time as I did, a man in my dept. was hired in at .75 an hour higher pay. When I asked my superviser..he said that this man had NO exp and should never have been hired at that wage. I went to Dir. of Food and Bev. he (after looking in to it) said that yes, one person was being paid more but, No, he was not willing to do anything about it at that time. After I started complaining about my wages and became verbal about it, the whole atmosphere changed. I was asked by another Chef if I wanted a Sous Chef position...the Exect. Chef said no, that was on hold...he was going to N.Y. to look for help there.( at a school, noone was hired..last I knew)I quit my job when it started getting real difficult to work there, I beleive because of my complaining. I did a very good job and in fact the last I talked to one of the other chef's there was told that two people were now doing my job and not getting done.

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Margaret A. Harris
Unequal Pay

It is against the law to pay people less because of their gender. If this decision was based on your being female and the co-worker being male, then it is against the law (assuming the employer has more than 15 employees). Retaliating against someone for complaining about discrimination is also against the law, although the courts are very limited in what they consider to be unlawful retaliation. You need to consult with an experienced employment lawyer in Shreveport. I recommend that you call Tracy Burch. She may charge a consultation fee for her initial meeting with you, but you will get good legal advice that could help you in this situation. The fact that you quit may or may not be a bad fact for you; it depends on the circumstances. You should consult with a lawyer face-to-face about this too.

posted by Margaret A. Harris  |  Oct 16, 2001 3:52 PM [EST]

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