Whistle blower/discrimination

I reported my new manager after she said something racial. She was taken in and questioned and admitted to it, (my supervisor called to tell me I don't think he was suppose to tell me) because the next day they were trying to tell me I heard her wrong. The thing is she is still my boss and it's very uncomfortable. Do I need a lawyer??

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Abraham Goldman
Whistle blower/discrimination

I have had cases like this before....the key thing is for you to document what happened and everything else that comes down after. Keep a diary starting now, & write down everything that has already happened. Write a note to your supervisor documenting what they told you about the admission & ask that it be put in your personel file. Write notes to the same effect to the people you made the original complaint to and to HR & ask these be made part of your file and the file of the person who made the remark. If you are really uncomfortable, ask in writing to be transferred and state the reason why.

This way, its not just "your word against their's".

Call me if & when you need help. Abraham Goldman 800 945 9446

posted by Abraham Goldman  |  Apr 24, 2001 11:16 AM [EST]
Anthony Sperber
Whistle blower/discrimination

It depends. I have a few questions:

1. Other than being uncomfortable, has your job changed?

2. Has she or anyone else indicated that you will have problems now because of your report?

3. What did she say?

posted by Anthony Sperber  |  Apr 11, 2001 01:25 AM [EST]

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