Disability discrimination and pretext for termination

Looking for advice on a disability discrimination complaint/wrongful termination. As a senior manager, i worked for a large consulting firm in CA (significant federal contracting). I have a long history of back problems and probably "qualified" under ADA. I was layed off less than 2 weeks after I told my VP I couldn't continue working due to chronic pain. VP acted wiered in that he totally ignored my complaints and had me finish a critical assignment, after which I took three days off. Reason for termination was given as a RIF, despite recent reassurances job was safe. Also told company had looked for other openings to place me. I immediately filed a workers comp claim that pre-dated my offical last day. Its already been approved by firm's insurance carrier. Been on disability 3 months. Prior to filing complant with FEHA & OFCCP planned on asking corporate EEO Officer to do an internal investigation. With firm 13 months. Other than disabilty and reasonable accomadation requests I was a solid contributer with no complaints. Recieved company awards, etc. The whole process smells bad, but there's a good chance there was no mixed motivation. What should I do? Thanks.

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Janet M. Koehn
federal rehab act

what you should do is fin an attorney to represent you. you have been fired, and probably have a disability discrimination case. you also have a family leave case. and depending on the nature of the company's work and yours, you may also be covered under the federal rehab act. you need to consult with an attorney experienced in employment law and disability discrimination, and also with federal contractors. you can find an attorney in your area on the cal employment lawyers' assn website (www.celaweb.org).
good luck
janet m. koehn

posted by Janet M. Koehn  |  Aug 23, 2003 12:06 PM [EST]

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