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Pay day question. Employed 35 yrs for an N E Ohio company that is a union shop. Pay is based on 2 weeks work, payed out historicaly on following Thursday (1 day early)even though 'official' payday is Friday of that week. Company has offered 'option' of direct deposit but it is not a requirement for employment. Company now states in memo that those receiving paper checks will be distributed by mail from office in western Ohio and will not guarantee delivery by official Friday payday but will direct deposit for those using that option by Wednesday evening of payweek. As I have no desire to have direct deposit, is there a way to force company to pay paper check delivery in hand by Friday? Seems to me that it is somewhat discriminatory to set up two different paydays for the same class of employees. Company states this being done for improved efficiency which I'm not buying into at all. Do I have any recourse through Ohio Laws?
Thank You in advance.

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Christina Royer
when must employers pay employees?

Absent something in your collective-bargaining agreement that speaks to when employees must be paid, there is no recourse under Ohio law to force the employer to give you a check on the Friday payday, if you decline direct deposit.

Under Ohio law, employers are obligated only to pay employees twice a month (15th and 30th). Employers who pay more often than that are choosing to do so. They are not legally obligated to pay more often than semi-monthly.

I do not believe it is discriminatory to treat "direct deposits" differently from "non-direct deposits." Ohio law prohibits discrimination on the basis of things like race, religion, gender, age, and disability. Method of pay does not seem to relate to any of these categories.

posted by Christina Royer  |  Oct 31, 2007 3:14 PM [EST]

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