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For this position, your total compensation is $150,000 which will be paid as follows: you will be compensated with a base salary of $100,000 which is paid twice a month in increments of $2,000. You will receive a project bonus of $5,000 per quarter, which will be paid twice a month in increments of $1,000.

Question: why they do that? What is the strategy behind? I asked $150k base salary. I feel they are doing something to take advantage of me. I asked for 150k paid biweekly and they had agree during interview. I don't like the way they want to pay me.

Could you tell me why employers want to pay employees with bonus?

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V Jonas Urba
A lawyer should review the offer.

Are you an at will employee? Do you have a definite start date and a definite or proposed no earlier termination than X date? If not you may likely be an at will employee.

At will employees may be terminated for good, bad or no cause. They may not be terminated for a discriminatory or illegal reason but every employee must prove such reason.

Bonuses are usually discretionary. They may or may not be paid and an employee may or may not be entitled to them. Paying extra by bonus, without specifying what criteria must be met and on what date you will have earned the bonus means that it is probably at the discretion of the employer.

Unless your contract or employment is for a specific term with a minimal compensation for such term your compensation may be reduced or eliminated at any time.

May I kindly strongly suggest paying a labor and employment lawyer to fully and completely review your agreement before you rely on something that may or may not be enforceable. For the salary you reference it seems that such a consultation would be the least you could do.

Better to know what you face and your options sooner than later. Good luck.

posted by V Jonas Urba  |  Jan 3, 2017 12:45 PM [EST]

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