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I have worked for a company for 12 years as a store manager. As a manager we receive a bonus every year based on our sales performance. I have given my notice and tomorrow is my last day to work. I asked my boss if I would receive my bonus this year and he said I had to work until the end of August. i beleive I should be entitled to this bonus. It is for last years sales and the fiscal year ended in May. I worked all of the fiscal year that the bonus is for. Can I fight this? I would be willing to pay someone if we stood a chance of getting the money. Please advise


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Herbert G. Ogden
Bonus after termination

My opinion is the same as Atty. Kohn's. In addition, if any other employee has received a bonus after termination, that would help your case. Is the "bonus" really a bonus or has the company given all employees the right to expect some payment beyond salary if they perform well.

posted by Herbert G. Ogden  |  Aug 8, 2002 11:52 AM [EST]
Roger E. Kohn
receiving bonus after termination

Whether you are entitled to the bonus depends on what the "deal" was with your employer. This is a very grey area - the question is whether a court will find that you were promised that you would recive a yearly bonus. If you would like to discuss your case, give me a call.

Roger E. Kohn
Kohn & Rath
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posted by Roger E. Kohn  |  Aug 7, 2002 9:18 PM [EST]

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