because I have a electrical background from Tennessee I would tell him no .. we should permit work

I am not sure what to do I want to file a lawsuit against him I was made to feel horrible about myself for going to the doctor's even though it was the pressures he put on us at work . He would always want us to work on the weekends for less than we made during the week he would almost demand it and when I stood up for myself he got angry .. I changed out a panel and it was not inspected or permitted I don't appreciate the lack of respect he has for my chosen profession and when I tried to argue the fact I was told to just suck it up... Then I hurt my index finger on my left hand and was asked not to file a workman's comp claim yet he did nothing to help me out he never even looked at it he made me feel as though it was my fault because he always understaffed us he did not like me because I would stand up for myself and my friends ..when I ask for a raise he basically told me I was unreliable and that I was not going to get a raise then I filed a workman's comp claim against him and he fired the 9 year accountant for standing up for me he basically told him what is your problem why are you taking his side over mine.... he then got a team of lawyers and basically annihilated any case I might have.. I what seeing a doctor through all of this and would tell my doctor about how bad my boss would make me feel and that I was never really appreciated for anything ..I did I would not even get overtime pay on the weekends when I would do work at his two homes he bought he made me less than I made with his company to do electrical work I do not like the guy he owes me thousands of dollars yet he will not give me a raise he fired me after I missed a day or two of work because of my surgery and because of my lack of respect for him and myself he had his secretary who he paid more than I was getting paid get a raise immediately after she started because she's pretty I feel like I was totally taken advantage of and can't believe I stayed there that long it has affected me in a horrible way and I can't seem to pick myself up I am 46 and don't think I can recover as fast as I want I have no feeling in my finger which he fought the workman's comp case call me a liar basically to the whole company I lost my drive to go to work he had me jumping through so many hoops with his lawyer team that I would drive and keep spending all my money on gas just to work at our then he would send me home due to technicalities even went in and yelled at my workman's comp doctor the doctor told me about it I don't appreciate this type of person and I want him to be stopped he changed everything in his home and without permitting anyting if it catches on fire the firefighters will think it is still the same they look at plans to work on putting a fire out he is so arrogantafter I had surgery on my wrist and removed a cyst I was made to work 60 plus hours for two weeks in a row to finish a home by myself and then when I ask for a raise I was basically told no because I was late to work after you work 60 hours sometimes you are tired I told him I wanted time off he then fired me because I filed a workman's comp claim do I have a case against them for stress and anxiety I repeatedly saw my doctors throughout this whole ordeal and told her that the pressures of work and the pressures of my boss made me feel depressed and like I was no good.... I just wish that he would act right and quit being so demanding just because I know how how to do electrical work does not mean that I should break all the rules that I follow as a contractor for him I want to make sure to cover my actions I want to cover my taxes I am not sure what to do because I want to see if I have a case against him I have a couple witnesses I also have a lot of other details my previous employer is the owner of the company that I had problems with and I not the same since I work for this man... Thank you for your help

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