is there a law about sexuality discrimination at the workplace pertaining to GLTB?

Working on revised policies - is there a law in Ohio that can be sited in our policy about sexuality preference discrimination or harrassment in the workplace? Any information would be appreciated as we are trying to make the policies as current to today's society as possible. If there is not a law - what do you suggest we use as wording in a nondiscrimination policy when it comes to the preference of an employees sexuality?

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Bruce Elfvin
In Ohio there are a few municipalities that prohibit this kind of discrimination. It is not a part of federal law, and with the current deadlock in Congress it is highly unlikely that this type of legislation will pass anytime soon. Nonetheless, we live in a very pluralistic society and there is less tolerance of intolerance by most employers and employees. So, I assume that sexuality is a reference to the GLTB orientation of individuals. I think any forward looking policy would state that this policy applies to all employees and how we expect each of us to be treated. This can include sexuality or sexual orientation, it is the employer's right to set the policy.

Good luck, sorry no federal law.

posted by Bruce Elfvin  |  Mar 5, 2012 3:22 PM [EST]

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