do i have some kind of case against my own company?

Dear Mel, I had the most abusive day today, my sales manager, not only verbally abused me with many "F" words, but also slapped evrything off the top of my desk in a rage, and even went as far to asking me to step outside, so he could kick my ass......? This was done and said, in front of my co workers, as well as the owner of the company.

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David M. Lira
The Abusive Boss

The real question is why this manager is so abusive to you. The answer to that question will determine whether you can do anything other than quit.

Under New York law, an employer does not have to be nice to you. In fact, an employer can be downright abusive, unless the reason for the abuse is something which is protected under statute. So, it isn't alright for an employer to be abusive because you are black (or white), a woman (or a man), or of a different religion or ethnic background. But the trick is coming up with some amout of proof which show that the reason is that protected criteria.

If you assert or attempt to assert certain rights protected under law, such as workers' compensation benefits, or health insurance benefits, and your employer gets angry and abuses you for that, that reaction might be considered to be retaliation. Under the right circumstances, retaliation is illegal, and you could do something about that.

posted by David M. Lira  |  Aug 15, 2002 10:45 AM [EST]

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