Wrongful Termination Without Cause

I was terminated from my job a few days ago after 2 1/2 years of service. The reason that my employer gave me was that my skill set did not match the direction in which their IT Department was headed. Leading up till this point, I was given a commendation and a large bonus for my extradinary work a few months earlier (I never saw this coming). The problems started to arise when my new IT Manager came aborad. He constantly would berate my work and refer to me and other female staffers as "chicks". I went to my HR department to voice my concerns, but nothing was done resolve this issue and put me at ease. I was given 1 month severance pay, and was escorted out of the office, thus not being allowed to collect my personal belongings. What recourse do I have for a lawsuit and to collect my personal belongings. If this will help, I also reside and live in Washington, DC and my employer is in DC as well.
Thank you.

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Gwenlynn D'Souza
Wrongful Termination

You may submit to the DC Office of Human Rights a charge of discrimination under DC law for wrongful termination on the basis of sex discrimination and retaliation for filing an internal complaint. As a part of the process, the commission may schedule a mediation. It would be appropriate to ask for your personal belongings at the mediation if they have not been returned to you beforehand. If you are unable to obtain the return of your personal belonging by mediation, you should contact an attorney to find out your other legal alternatives.

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posted by Gwenlynn D'Souza  |  Mar 11, 2004 10:09 AM [EST]

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