Will discrimination attorneys work on a contingency?

Age discrimination was the motivatig factor in my recent termination (age 66), Are there emloyment lawyers in the Chicago area who will work on a contingency fee basis?


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David L. Lee
Most cases will not support a contingency fee.

There are many employment lawyers who will work on a contingency basis -- that is, working for a percentage of the money the lawsuit or negotiation recovers. In working on a contingency basis, however, those lawyers are risking doing a lot of work and never getting paid (because, if the lawsuit or negotiation recovers no money, the lawyer gets no money). Therefore, most good employment lawyers will take a case on contingency only if they think that that risk is worth it to them. That means that the lawyer must think that there is a good chance of winning and a good chance that a win will produce enough money to earn the lawyer a reasonable fee. Many cases do not meet these criteria.

One other thing I'd like to point out: you may know in your heart that the reason you were fired was age discrimination, but employers almost always deny discrimination and fight hard. A lawyer has to estimate the chances of winning a case not based on what you know in your heart, but based on what the evidence will likely be at trial.

David Lee (Chicago)

posted by David L. Lee  |  Feb 21, 2001 4:16 PM [EST]

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