Who do I report unlawful termination to and what can I do to get compensation for my hardships?

Area lead lied about me to boss and got me terminated while I was in the process of filing intermittent fmla.
One of my shifts that I for sure worked is now showing up in my termination letter as an unscheduled unpaid no call no show absence.
After reporting unsafe and non-compliant work conditions from management to HR, I was retaliated against by my dept. head for "talking to people I shouldn't be talking to." I had my badge report pulled and was put on probation. (No one at that company ever follows the break policy or gets in trouble for it) I was lied about. False accusations were made about my disappearing and not doing my job and not following the break policy while on probation. My boss used two fmla days against me in my original termination letter. When i corrected him, he made notes and now the letter i've recieved from HR no longer has the same dates. Though one date that shows my no call no show is not accurate, as I have proof on my phone for being at work for that shift. I talked to my area lead about studying and having to excuse myself regularly because of my medical condition that i was getting fmla for. She assured me i was okay, days before being fired. She had been emailing our boss about things that weren't true. She said she talked to me several occasions but she never did. She said she told me to put away my study materials several times and that I ignored her. This also never happened. Every time my boss brought me into his office, we were alone and he wouldn't listen to me as I tried to explain to him how these accusations weren't true.

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