Very scared to go to work sometimes, and always stressed out when i do what should i do?

I have had multiple issues since i started my job May 2, 2016. I just want to know when enough is enough. It's too the point that sometimes I'm scared to walk into work because the threats that have been made by co-workers. I have gone to HR, managers, and Senior management as well. I'm the only one that ever gets punished when I do. They even suspended me for 3 days over a breakup between my ex boyfriend and i when he showed them the text messages between us the day we broke up, added with something he told them i said but they wouldn't tell me what it was. Suspended me for gossip and put me on 30 days probation. Before that this girl threatened to beat my a** and called me a stupid white b****, they move me to another department told me they would take care of it because "this company wasn't ran like that", but they have that chick a promotion instead. Before all this i had overheard the main boss telling someone that i did awesome wherever they put me and i was about to get a promotion. Instead, all i got was a lateral move, a suspension, no raise or promotion, and a very hostile work place. I'm always stressed out and tense and sometimes scared to go to work, it's like they are trying to force me to quit, but i can't afford to quit or I'll be homeless and starving. I'm already having to rent a co-workers couch and living room just to have a roof over my head. Please help i don't know what to do. It's like if you aren't threatening physical violence or making someone scared at this place you will never move up. Like i said these examples are but a couple to the many things they have put me through there is more. What do i do?

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