Discrimination because of ADHD and # of Children?

I am currently 32 weeks pg. I was laid of yesterday 6/28/05. It was stated that there was a lay-off in many departments and I was chosen as I had no completed training. I have ADHD and my previous boss at the company had issues with me completing the training at work, even though it was company mandated. I was working it as fast as I could, with a 2 hour roundtrip commute, no support from management, a 6 month period where I asked to not be required to complete anything while I dealt with my youngest son's health issues. I was granted the 6 months.

I was never given an end date to complete this training. I was asked to give a time frame to complete it and granted time to complete it at work and work my job, I estimated I could have it complete before I went on maternity leave. The department I am in has/had 6 employees, one who is out on STD with the same job title as mine.

I had a conversation with my manager about a week ago as I feared that something like this was going to happen and he assured me no one was out to fire me or lay me off. I am no going to lose my benefits in 1 day, other then paying for Cobra, and have gotten a small severance.

I feel besides the training which I was never given a due date for, the reason I was let go is because I would be the anly employee in this department with 3 small children, on of which has 3 chronic illinesses.

So with that background, did they have a right to lay me off as not performing, when I was given no due date for completing this training? The only thing I want is for them to cover my benefits until 6 weeks PP and pay for my children's benefits.

Would any of this be covered under the ADA?

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Anthony Cameron
Layoff vs. Separation

You are obviously stressed and I don't blame you.

You present a lot of issues but the starting point is are you terminated or are you laid off? One doesn't usually see severance packages with a layoff.

So let's start there. First, what is your status? Second, and while we're at it, how many people does your employer employ in Illinois and overall?

If you will provide me that Info, I'll take a shot at your other, fascinating issues.

Anthony B. Cameron

posted by Anthony Cameron  |  Jul 5, 2005 2:45 PM [EST]

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