Terminated and Pay Shorted Without Reason Calls Not Returned What recourse do I have

I was recently terminated AFTER attending a required 8AM to10am conf call for what I believe to be a form of retaliation after filing an ethics complaint against my HR Specialist
My employer then shorted my final paycheck recvd via direct deposit on Feb 26 without reason
Payroll has yet to return my calls after 3 days and I dont have access to my paycheck stubs to verify this as they were housed on the company provided website which I no longer have employee access to
I was an exempt salaried employee but what makes this calculating the Payperiod confusing is that my days off were on Tues and Wed yet we still paid on the same time schedule as all of the part time non exempt employees
I approved Payroll every Sunday evening for those non exempt employees for the previous week which ends on Sunday also
I believe if last Pymt received was on Feb 26 would that not place the Payperiod ending date on Feb 19
Feb 6 thru Feb 19 is question 1

The company also offers PTO on an weekly accrual basis at 3 hrs and 3 min per week

Q2 is If that is indeed the Payperiod and I was terminated on Feb 22 after attending this 2hr conference call shouldnt I as an exempt statused salaried employee have received payment for that entire 2 week pay period Feb 6 thru Feb 19 plus 3 days worked of the following work week Feb 20 thru Feb 22 this includes full 8hrs on Feb 22 since I already worked 2 hrs plus 5wks of unused PTO x my calculated hourly rate

I only received payment for 49hrs and 43 min of pay shorting me a full 10 worked days and 5wks of accrued PTO
What recourse do I have from here

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