Was I unfairly terminated and if so what are my options?

I called off work due to a medical issue. When I tried contacting my supervisor about returning to work my calls were not returned. I showed up for work and was told via phone that I needed a return to work slip from the doctor. The next day I called supervisor to let them know I had the letter and wanted to turn it in and get back to work. Two days later and very late in the evening my supervisor contacted me via text asking me to meet at the office the next day. When I got to office I was met with 2 or 3 write-ups for violating various company policies, none of which I believe were warranted. he final write up stated I was terminated. I discussed the write ups with my supervisor and her supervisor as well. Her supervisor requested more paperwork, which I stated I could not get until after the upcoming holiday. She then told me to sign the write ups and then have additional paperwork faxed to main office on a specific day, once they received fax the write ups would be removed from my file. I did as asked and once again after numerous phone calls and messages left asking when I could return to work approximately 4 days later I received a text from my supervisor stating her boss said that I could call the main office and appeal. I did not know I was terminated until I called main office and they told me I was terminated and could write an appeal, which I did and to date I have not heard anything from them nor have any of my calls been returned.

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David Neel
You might have rights under the Family & Medical Leave Act. Consult with an employment lawyer, sho will ask questions to determine whether you have legal claims.

posted by David Neel  |  Dec 17, 2014 08:44 AM [EST]

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