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Is it legal in the state of Florida for an employer to fire an employee for refusing to sign a non-compete form? I have worked for this company a year and now they are all but threatening to to fire me if i don't sigh a Non-compete form. No compensation has been offered for signing this form. If they fired me for not signing could i sue them for attempting to force me to sign a contract?

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David Goldman
Non-Compete after employment

Generally when a non-compete is being offered after employment, they are not enforceable unless there is additional compensation being offered.

To determine if the agreement is valid, you would need to have an attorney review it.

As far as being terminated, Florida is an at will employment state. That means that an employer can hire or fire people at anytime with or without a reason. There are instances when the reason one is terminated is an invalid one and can violate other laws. In those cases, it is possible for he employee to recover damages.

In addition, sometimes employees have contracts that are violated when a termination occurs. These actions can also create damages.

I would suggest that you consult with a Florida Business Lawyer and have them review your specific facts before making a decision.

David Goldman has a section on business law in florida that might be of help

posted by David Goldman  |  Sep 18, 2007 6:56 PM [EST]

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