Should I file my weekly unemployment claims during the four weeks I will get severance pay?

I was laid off end of November 2015 in OHIO. I immediately applied for unemployment. I will also receive 4 weeks of Severance Pay, allocated through December. My weekly severance pay will be greater than the maximum allowed Unemployment compensation. I have started applying for jobs as well. QUESTION 1: Should I file my weekly claims beginning the first week of unemployment, or should I wait until after the severance pays are made and file claims starting the first week AFTER the last week of severance pay. QUESTION 2: If the answer is to file claims even during the weeks I will have severance pay, I found that when I file the weekly claim for the first week, I am being asked for retirement or employment income (of which I have none) but am NOT being asked for severance pay. This is confusing. (However, I remember providing the severance pay information when I first registered myself for Ohio Unemployment).

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Christina Royer
As you seem to already know, severance payments are offset from Unemployment compensation dollar for dollar. Because you have already initiated the application process (although it's not clear from your question where you are in that process), the safest bet is to always file your weekly claims. That way, those weeks -- even if disallowed -- are claimed.

Once an initial application for benefits is allowed, you are given 26 weeks' worth of benefits calculated as a lump sum (example: $9000), which you can receive over the course of one year. Going forward, you establish eligibility on a weekly basis. Some weeks may be disallowed for various reasons, such as: 1. you were sick and not able to look for work; 2. you worked in a temporary position and were paid more than your weekly benefit amount; or 3. you received severance pay in excess of your weekly benefit amount.

Assuming your claim is allowed, which it hopefully will be since it sounds like you were let go due to lack of work, you will simply be disallowed for each week you get severance pay. Then, once your severance ends and assuming you otherwise meet the weekly eligibility requirements going forward, you will receive benefits.

You may want to contact the Processing Center to which you are assigned to ask about how to deal with weekly claims and severance. I find that clients get different answers depending on the Processing Center.

I hope that helps!

posted by Christina Royer  |  Dec 17, 2015 09:28 AM [EST]
David Neel
The answer can be found here:

posted by David Neel  |  Dec 16, 2015 12:16 PM [EST]

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