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A few girls came to me and asked me some sexual questions, I replied to stop, it went on for a few weeks. When I told my Union about it 6 months later her encouraged me to file and EEO. I didn't report it because I was in fear of being retaliated and/or bullied, since reporting it I have been bullied and harassed, given excessive duties that I can't complete, given others work to do, being yelled at, being accused of. So does this mean my complaint will probably be dismissed. My supervisor was present as the other 2 office workers asked me the sexual question. I have been told that the supervisor must be aware of the harassment and since she was present she knew. I'm afraid I'm going to be in trouble for waiting so long to report the incidents. What do you recommend? I did not engage in the conversation but have 2 witnesses that it happened. My boss sat back and laughed for days as it occurred.

1 answer  |  asked Jul 25, 2015 5:43 PM [EST]  |  applies to California

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Drew Lewis
In California, employees are at-will which means that they can be terminated at any point for good reason, bad reason, or no reason at all. It is not clear whether or not you actually committed sexual harassment. Here's a resources that might help you: Regardless, even if you did not commit sexual harassment, you can still be terminated.

posted by Drew Lewis  |  Jul 21, 2020 02:55 AM [EST]

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