I've been fired. For 2 years I've been dreading this day but I knew it was coming. When I first started at my coming I got along great with both my area director and general manager. 1 month and a half later I got a new general manager female. I noticed she was nice to me but one day she started asking me about my personal life like if I had a boyfriend and such. I felt awkward having this conversation with someone I just met. 2 weeks later there was a new area director female homosexual. She came by often and she befriended me but I felt uncomfortable for some reason because she would stare at me and I caught her once looking down my blouse. I looked at her as if to say what are you doing and thats where it all begins. People noticed them both looking at me while I worked out. Anyway there was another girl who would come around alot she was an Asst. GM at another location a B level club who would come around and be very friendly with them and would come pick up my GM for drinks, they were even looking for and apartment together, while not even one month after the director took office she transferred me from a A level to b level club(demotion)I transferred to the b club the girl that hung out with them was promoted to my position. My new general manager soon noticed that something was up, I was told by the director and my old GM that I was being transferred because the new club needed someone with my professionalism and that I could really shine, and behind my back the told my new GM that I was incompetent and that I was messing up at the other location. They were setting me up for faliure. My new GM thought it didn't make sense he thought I was very competent and experienced and felt she should have let him judge me for himself. 2 months after working with him he requested I be promoted, he told the director I was more than ready she changed the subject. She promoted 4 people that were under qualified for the position and many noticed that she had it out for me.

I was called in for 2 investigations that were reported regarding people at corporate friends of her's for sexual harrasment and I told the truth because I was witness to it. Nothing happened to this person but I was then elianated treated differently by her and people have witnessed this.

I don't know what to do, I was fired for a situation in which all General managers were involved in and she fired my for Poor judgement.

Please help me. I don't know what to do now my repution in this small industry has been tarnished and I will not be able to find a job doing what I love.


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David M. Lira
Same Sex Sexual Harassment

Although I'm not entirely sure, the query sounds as if it is from a woman about the behavior of two female managers. At least arguably, the situation sounds like harassment. So, it seems we have a case of same sex sexual harassment.

The US Supreme Court has recognized that you can have a valid claim of sexual harassment, even though the harasser(s) and harassee have the same gender. The case before the Supreme Court involved men, and, even more interestingly, did not seem to involve homosexual men.

posted by David M. Lira  |  Aug 20, 2004 08:34 AM [EST]

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