Harassment or not?

I am male and one of my immediate supervisors is female. This female supervisor has made statements to other employees about how she admires some of my physical characteristics and has been seen by other employees using surveilance cameras located throughout the property to zoom in and view me up close and personal. She has also violated company dress codes wearing tops that are, in my opinion, normally worn as sleep wear which are very revealing that not only embarrass me but offend me as well. I have approached this persons immediate supervisor who agreed she was provocatively dressed and 7 days had passed where again she was dressed in a manner that was in violation of the dress code wearing the same revealing attire so I immediately went to the terminal supervisor who supervises everyone and he was suppose to have a talk with her. 3 days later it happened again and at this time I wrote a formal complaint to the HR department stating how I was being put in unwanted positions where I was feeling embarrased and offended and I still have yet to be responded to just to even confirm they received it after leaving numerous messages. She has tried to belittle me even after requesting not to be approached by her while dressed in this manner unless her supervisor was present and I was yelled at to "come here" and told "you need to grow up!" by her.

Is there anything more I can do to try and stop this before it escalates into something me and my wife believe will lead to a he said she said deal where I end up losing my job and is this a form of sexual or intimidating harrasment?


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Aaron Maduff
Harassment or not

You are describing the beginnings of a sexual harassment claim. You have done the right things so far by making the complaints. Keep documenting everything that is happening. Part of the problem you are facing is that in order to be actionable sexual harassment has to be a strong enough combination of serious and pervasive. By documenting your complaints of sexual harassment, the company is aware of it and should take some action. But if they take retaliatory action against you, that could create a serious problem for it. You should probably contact us or one of the other fine employment lawyers listed here at MEL.
Aaron Maduff

posted by Aaron Maduff  |  Aug 7, 2006 10:29 AM [EST]

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