Relocated from FL to CA; now being laid off

I recently relocated from FL to CA for a position with a company in San Francisco. They paid all relocation expenses and the offer said if I separate with them or they ask to me leave for any reason, I will have to pay back on a pro-rata basis as stipulated in letter; less than 1 year 100% after 1 year 50%. I agreed to take the position and move to CA. Now 6 months has elapsed since I accepted the position and relocated, but company just sent an email that I am part of the targeted volunteer to resign. The email said they will pay a severence, but you cannot collect unemployment since they will inform unemployment that you voluntarily resigned. A bit strange this analysis. Also you will need to sign a release form before collecting that severance pay. Any relief options that I have or leverage to negotiate with them as, I do not wish to pay back since this termination as the email said is not for cause more of convenience. I know for sure they will let me go, but do I have an option to request that they pay my relocations cost back to FL since I moved here only for the sole purpose of working for them, but 6 months later this is option is being pulled off. I know my contract is employee at will per default standard. Thank you in advance for all your inputs.

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Arkady Itkin
There is definitely space for negotiation in this somewhat unfortunate situation, even though there is no assurance that the negotiation will produce any results. It is still worth trying You should discuss the best negotiating strategies in this case with an experienced local attorney as more facts are necessary to provide this type of advice.


Arkady Itkin
San Francisco Employment Lawyer

posted by Arkady Itkin  |  Jan 14, 2017 8:15 PM [EST]

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