Pregnancy and age discrimination

Upon my return from pregnancy leave, I was told by my employer (a large Customer Service Promotional Company)that they were taking me off my sales accounts and giving the accounts to a much younger male employee that did not have as much experience as I had. Additionally, I was forced into searching for a new account. This action caused me to lose all my sales revenue. I then proceeded to construct a business plan and make new contacts for this new account as requested. I was told that I did a great job by my immediate supervisor and given the "green light" to pursue the account. The day after I submitted the busines plan to my employer with names and contacts, my immediate supervisor walked into my office and fired me on the spot. No written or verbal explanation or review were given to me prior to this action. My immdeiate supervisor told me that I was being fired because of "poor sales performance." How could I achieve any sales when upon my return from pregnancy leave , they took away my accounts and therefore how was I to achieve any sales? I was asked to leave my office,TURN IN MY KEYS AND LEAVE THE BUILDING immediately. Do you think I have a discrimination case?

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Abraham Goldman
pregnancy discrimination

Dear Kathleen:

Looks like a classic set up.
Setting you up to fail is one of the most used tricks to cover up the real intent of getting rid of someone for an illegal reason.

I have seen this type of underhanded dealing with women before.....with all the laws that have been enacted to stop this it is still amazing that it keeps going on.

It is important to be very proactive at this point, by consulting with a good lawyer who can get an investigation going right away. In cases like this people who will help support your story are a key factor...they may talk and support you now, but as time goes by.....who knows?

You also mentioned age that really a factor, or are you just suspicious?

I have 24 years of experience in this area....please call or email for a free consultation. I will also send you my practice resume by email if you ask.

Abraham Goldman
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posted by Abraham Goldman  |  Jul 16, 2001 12:42 PM [EST]
Janet M. Koehn

discrimination cases involving outside sales personnel who must turn over their accounts during any extended leave are often difficult. you have enough evidence to establish a prima facie case. you should talk to an attorney experienced in employment law. please call me for a complimentary consultation, and tell the receptionist you are from "ask mel".
janet koehn

posted by Janet M. Koehn  |  Jul 16, 2001 11:24 AM [EST]

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